Saturday, October 13, 2007

Article on ASL Interpeter Tom Kovach

Tom Kovach is the ASL interpreter that was on stage with Dr. Paul at the Tennessee Rally. He wrote an article about his experience, stating that "Dr. Paul is the only candidate of which I am aware that insisted on having an ASL interpreter at an event in Nashville. (There is a large Deaf community in this city. Liberals talk about caring for people with disabilities; but, Dr. Paul put his care into action.)". By the way, thanks to the LRC Blog for another shout out! Someone is working on the PBS videos and getting them captioned, so keep an eye out for more upcoming videos.

For the hearing bloggers out there who make youtube videos, it would be great if you could take an extra few minutes out of your day and add captions to the wonderful new movies you make within the grassroots campaign before releasing them out on the net. Check out an example of such a video (Cafferty Files), which was done via google and the srt function. Being able to toggle on/off the captioning for the video would be wonderful, because it would improve accessibility AND not hinder the enjoyment for those in the hearing world who find it distracting. It would be immensely appreciated beyond what words can express.

"The Revolution" - Beatles (MikeSZZ Youtube)

I came across this ASL music video that I thought fit very nicely with the Ron Paul Revolution. It is a song of "The Revolution" by the Beatles. If I am misinterpreting the intentions of this song, sue me. From one who doesn't "understand" music, the words seem to fit what is happening now. This is the first time I have seen this video, and it was done by MikeSZZ, who has done a few others like this. Hearing people being newcomers to this site, enjoy!

Washington Post - Online Chat

Last Friday, there was an on-line chat that Washington Post readers had with Dr. Paul. It's always nice to see him elaborating a bit on issues when tough questions are thrown his way.

Carl Cameron Interviews Ron Paul (VRobinson Dotsub)

A new Ron Paul subtitled video has just been made available on DotSub by Freedom Typer VRobinson! Freedom Typer is my new term for Ron Paul supporters that caption and subtitle videos to improve accessibility for those in the deaf and hard of hearing communities. Thanks to all of you!


I was searching through old articles on the web, and I came across this gem posted by Kate:

Friday, March 16, 2007

The Doctor Is In!

To celebrate Ron Paul's official announcement, we thought we'd kick off a blog that will challenge everything you've been taught about the great American political "divide." So here's the first installment of why Ron Paul is the candidate for the right and the left.

For the last few election cycles, we've heard a lot about moderate politics, with each side accusing the other of partisanship and an interparty nastiness that didn't exist in the good old days. The implication is that whichever "We" is speaking are the white hats, the principled people who are willing to converse civilly and reach consensus. And "We" are also sure that the great mass of the American people are "moderates," too, not in-fighting extremists. "We" can bring the country together because "We" represent the midpoint between two poles.

It's time to ask what part of that nonsense speaks to the American people.

What is the midpoint between "yes" and "no"? What is the compromise between "up" and "down"? If you know you want to turn, but you don't know whether to go left or right, what exactly is the use of marching straight ahead?

The kernel of truth in that political rhetoric is that the American people are not in-fighting extremists; we do have more in common than not; and we are in search of political leaders who will use their time in office to unite, not divide us. But the answer is not watered-down principle--it's the right principle acting in full force. We're going to ask you to put aside your picture of the left-right divide for a moment, and consider what it is that you really think.

  • Do you think American citizens should be sent overseas to topple and restructure foreign governments?
  • Do you believe that the government has an unquestionable right to your earnings, and do you think it spends them responsibly?
  • Do you think that your government, here at home, should be monitoring citizens--your bank activity, phone records, Internet use, or email traffic?
  • Do you think that our $500 billion education system does a good enough job for your child?
  • Do you believe that healthcare decisions should be between you and your doctor?
  • Do you believe that the $9.2 billion spent annually on the incarceration of drug offenders is money well spent?

Are your answers to those questions left or right? Are they founded on party platforms, or on your intellectual and moral framework? And, most importantly for our purposes, do your answers line up with the official positions of any candidate for the presidency in 2008?

The odds are, regardless of your party affiliation, that your answers are in line with Ron Paul's. That isn't because Dr. Paul has taken a thousand polls and crafted a cafeteria-style platform that cherry-picks the most popular positions on the issues. It's because he, like you, has a principle in mind and keeps it: that America is a free country and ought to stay that way. His positions defy the left-right divide just as yours do, because that divide is more illusion than fact. (If you balk at that notion, try to list 5 issues that the parties disagree on with anything more than rhetoric.)

America is not a house divided; it is a well-built structure in need of a handyman who respects its craftsmanship. For 2008, that man is Ron Paul."

Another wonderful article about how the polarization of parties has created conditions that end up hurting many and profiting few was written by Anthony Wade. He raises very interesting questions, and I particularly liked this:

"Somehow in this country we have been convinced that while we can have 31 flavors of ice cream we can only get two coherent lines of political thought. The result is exactly what the machine wants. We snipe at each other at the lower levels of society while the machine keeps getting fed above us."

Friday, October 12, 2007

Why Ron Paul Will Win

Rick Fisk writes a great article about why Ron Paul will win, entitled "No, Really".

Ron Paulapalooza! - Orlando, Florida, October 21st, 2007

It's not everyday that one can witness American history happening, but Sunday, October 21, 2007 is one of these days. For those of you who are even mildly curious about this "strange Ron Paul phenomena" floating around, please go to this event so you can see for yourself what the revolution is all about!

From the Orlando Ron Paul Meetup Group:
When: Sunday, October 21, 2007, 2:00 PM to ??????


Wall Street Plaza/One Eyed Jacks
18 Wall Street Plaza Orlando, FL 32801


Umm, can you say Ron Paul Puallapallosa? What does it mean? Am I invited?

Orlando Welcomes Ron Paul to the Presidency IV Debate. We have finalized the particulars of the biggest GRASSROOTS rally ever held in honor of Dr. Paul. Sunday afternoon Oct. 21, all Ron Paul Supporters in the state of Florida are invited to come to Orlando and celebrate the next chapter of the REVOLUTION.

Come one, come all. We've all worked hard for the man that has taken on the mantle of Protector of our great Country. Now it's time to kick up our feet and DANCE to a NEW SONG. A song we, the Florida Meetup groups, will write and sing with GUSTO!

This event will dwarf ANYTHING the campaign has ever seen. We are a VICTORIOUS army that has earned the right to call the tune. Never doubt, my fellow countrymen, that on election day WE WILL WIN!

Location has been settled and secured. This will be the Official Unofficial Rally. We fully hope and expect that the good Doctor will make a house call, i.e. make a personal appearance before the assemble throng of supporters.

But this rally is for YOU! You did the work. You made the signs. You waved the signs. You handed out the literature. You made the telephone calls. You do get the picture, DON'T YOU??

We're going to have rock bands. We're going to have the keys to the city (well at least some of it;-) This is an all day and into the night celebration. We be JAMMIN' so leave your stuffed shirt at home. Bring the family, bring your friends this will be huge.

Then when night falls, we'll kick back and watch our CHAMPION... KICK out of Judy McRomney! Not on a little TV. We're talking BIG SCREENS for a BIG SCREAM!!!

Of course an extravaganza of this type won't be cheap. We're asking a $10 a head donation. You'll receive a coupon good for one free drink to get you 'in the mood.' And sure, we know that some have been giving all they can to the campaign. Bless you. If you can't honestly swing it, don't worry. We love you and would be hurt if you don't come because a measly 10 clams is a problem. So the rest of you it up once more for a brother or sister in need. 'Nuff said.

And now for the best part. After the expenses are covered, all profits will not go to the Orlando Meetup. Nor will it go to the Ron Paul 2008 National campaign. It's going to stay right here in FLORIDA and fund the Real Grassroots Meetup Revolution. You heard right. We will be dividing this treasure between all FLORIDA RON PAUL MEETUPS. Big or small. 10 members or 100 members. All have worked their hearts out. All will share in the glory. All will share in the proceeds.

As was mentioned earlier, some details remain to be finalized. But this has been a while in the making. We the grassroots are doing THIS ONE on our own. Let's show the big boys at National, that herding cats CAN BE DONE! Maybe then they will understand that WE MEAN TO WIN FLORIDA FOR OUR CHAMPION OF THE CONSTITUTION, DR. RON PAUL.

Name of the venue is One Eyed Jacks. This fashionable bar has an adjoining restaurant and plenty of outside tables too. Bands are being signed. Multiple front projector 7 foot screens assure us great viewing. Other entertainment is being lined up. Stay tuned.

Want to get out and stretch your legs? There is plenty to do with beautiful Lake Eola Park just one block away. It's majestic fountain located in the middle of a huge lake offers paddle Swan Boat rides

See you there!

Event fee:

USD10.00 per person


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ron Paul at Chicago Rally

Video from Fidler1953 (youtube)

This was a rally that happened in Chicago on September 22, 2007. Be patient, as the star spangled banner will begin at 2 minutes into the video.

University of Michigan

After the debate last night, Paul went to the University of Michigan, where a crowd had been waiting for him for over an hour in 45 degree weather. Between 2,000 to 2,500 people were there chanting his name and listening to him, and there is video up (no subtitles).

Last week at a rally in Tennessee, the place was standing room only, with 1,500 people. Approximately 100 people were turned away because it was packed. To get an idea of the crowd there, and the excitement there, check this out:


* Ron Paul has over 50,000 volunteers signed up at meetup groups across the country. At last count, the second place victor, Barack Obama, had 4,500 signed up. Hillary has maybe a thousand, while Fred and Rudy are easily under 500 members.

* In terms of straw polls, he has won or placed, sometimes by astounding margins of victory, in virtually every one of them, and yet the media does not report this.

* The military gave him more than any other candidate in the GOP in the second quarter, and from the buzz, a significant percentage of them LOVE him.

* He wins virtually every debate poll that goes out there, and then the network removes them, as I posted in my earlier blog entry.

* Everywhere you look, there are homemade Ron Paul posters, bumper stickers, and signs. Can you say that about any other candidate ? The man does not accept money from lobbyists.

With all those facts in mind, how in the WORLD can he only be polling at 2% to 6% in the national polls ? An article posted on Lew Rockwell that offers an explanation for this can be seen here. This was written back in July, and as more and more people heard his message, they spread the word to even more people. Yet, he continues to poll low on the national polls. Either the polls are outdated, or they are intentionally misleading.

At the debate last night, he was the only one of the candidates who had the expertise in economics, as he serves on the Financial Services Committee. He's the only one talking about getting rid of the income tax, and replacing it with nothing. That's right. You get to keep what you earn. If you think that it is impossible, just view "Stop Dreaming" and then do more research from there. He's also the only one who wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve, as they are the ones who print our money and devalue it further and further, so our savings depreciate over time and products cost more money. It is essentially a tax on the middle class and lower class, as he clearly explains in the "Moral Hazard" video in this blog. He was also the only candidate in the entire GOP who actually fundraised MORE money than he had in the previous quarter. With all of that, and general acceptance that he has by far the largest grassroots campaign in modern US history, it was stunning that CNBC gave him only 6 minutes to talk.

We must ask ourselves why this is. Then we must ask if we can trust the mainstream media and take their word for it. The revolution has begun a long time ago. Please look around you and figure out if any of the other candidates even remotely come close to offering the solutions that Paul is offering.

For every question you have, such as "But he'll cut social security!", "But he'll cut out the department of education", or "but he's pro-life", please do not make these assumptions. First, go ahead and check out his stances on various issues yourself at
, and read what he has to say. Then, look at his history and you will see he has been one of the more consistent and principled politicians there ever were.

To be fair, you should then use the same scrutiny you did towards him, and apply it to all the other candidates. I think it will be clear that only he, and Kucinich to a lesser extent, stand out as principled honest men who really want the best for this country. Isn't it time we stopped letting the media tell us how to vote or who to like ? The two party system is no longer working, and Ron Paul represents our last chance to unite together as a nation. Even people from around the world are watching us and rooting us on!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Could it be any more blatant now ?

I just saw the end of the live debate today from 4 to 6 PM (It will re-air at 9 PM, twenty minutes from now, on MSNBC).

Ron Paul raised $5,000,000.00 in the third quarter, and was getting a lot of media attention and publicity. The debate focused on economic issues, and Paul got a total of maybe 5 minutes in 2 hours to state his views, while much of the "second-tier" candidates such as Huckabee, Brownback, Hunter, and Tancredro had much more air time than Paul.

Paul still did great in the limited time he had, so I hope you will check it out yourself tonight to see how blatant the media bias is, and has been ever since the campaign started. "When in the course of human events", the first video posted in this blog, is a good video that relates to the issue I am raising about media bias at hand.

After the debate, there was a poll. 8,000 people took it before MSNBC took it down. The page can no longer be accessed, but take a view at this screencap just before MSNBC took it down.

Monday, October 8, 2007

Debate Tuesday Night !

"CNBC/MSNBC/The Wall Street Journal are jointly sponsoring the first Republican Presidential debate of the 2008 campaign focusing on economic issues. It will be held on October 9 in Dearborn, Mich. and will be broadcast live on CNBC at 4 PM ET and re-broadcast on MSNBC at 9 PM ET. CNBC's Maria Bartiromo and MSNBC's Chris Matthews will host the debate."

A full story can be found at:

For new visitors to this site, I suggest that you look at the video entitled "Ron Paul on moral hazard and the Federal Reserve", which can be found on the next page. This video, along with "Stop Dreaming" by Aravoth will help one better understand where Paul stands on these issues before the debate happens. I really think he will especially shine at this debate, as it is clear that the man knows exactly what he is talking about when it comes to fiscal policy, and is not reading ideas or words fed to him by others. I always like to play the game of "who's the liar?" when I watch the debates. I hope you will tune in tomorrow so that you can hear the blunt truth about just how bad the economy really is right now, and what the solutions are.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Endorsements for Ron Paul by Kyle Brotherton (Youtube)

"Stop Dreaming" by Aravoth (Youtube)

In this video, Paul talks a lot about the IRS, taxes, and economic issues facing this country (video stops subtitling at 3:30 into it). Thanks to "AllforRonPaul" on dotsub for submitting this video.

Interview with Ron Paul back in 1988

Thanks again to Angelatc for captioning this video. It is an interview that was done back in 1988 when Paul was running for President with the Libertarian party. His views have changed very little, with perhaps the sole exception being the death penalty, which he no longer supports.